The purpose of NVYLL is to provide the youth residing within the geographical boundaries of Northern Virginia a healthful, enjoyable leisure time activity and as a corollary to develop qualities that may help them in later life -- sportsmanship, team play

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Checking on Game or Field Status
Cancelled Games
See the Master Schedule or the schedule posted on your Team page to determine game status. Games cancelled because of rain or other reasons are crossed out. It is possible that the field is open for the morning games and then closes for the later games due to changing weather conditions.
Cancelled Game Email Notifications
  1. Clubs that use League Athletics web sites:
The coaches and players are notified by email when a game is cancelled.
  1. Clubs that do not use League Athletics web sites:
The coaches are notified by email and responsible for notifying the team.

Field Closures
Select the Fields tab from the left side of the main page. Closed fields are marked in red with the word Closed. Open fields are marked as either N/A or Open.
Reporting Rainouts or Game Cancellations
It is the responsibility of the home team’s Club Commissioner to determine if a field is playable and report game cancellations as early as possible so opponents can avoid making unnecessary trips to your town. When there is a rainout or some other reason that games cannot be played on a field it is the responsibility of the home team’s Club Commissioner or their designee to cancel the games.
Cancel Individual Games:
  1. Select the Lock icon on the top bar. This is the Administrative icon.
  2. Log on using your first and last name.
  3. Enter the Close Field password provided by the NVYLL to the Club Commissioner.
  4. Locate the Facilities box and select Facility Schedule
  5. The Area Facility List opens
  6. Locate your facility and click on the schedule icon on the right of the Status box.
  7. The Master Schedule view of the Facility opens
  8. Select each game that is to be cancelled by clicking on the edit icon on the left
  9. Select the Cancelled check box
  10. Make sure all the Send Notices To options are selected
  11. Click on Submit
  12. Repeat for each Home Game as necessary
Cancel all the games and mark the field as closed:
  1. Select the lock icon on the top bar. This is the Administrative Icon.
  2. The Restricted Area page opens. Enter your name and the Close Field password
  3. Click Submit
  4. The Administrative Features page opens.
  5. Locate the Facilities box and select “Close a Facility”
  6. The Area Facility List opens.
  7. Locate your field and change the Status to Closed. (Open=NA or Open)
  8. A pop up window appears confirming that you want to close the field and email the impacted teams. Select Yes.
Problem: No verification box appears when field set to Closed:
If you do not get the verification with email option prompt then you need to log out and try again. If you do not get the prompt the second time, call the NVYLL Commissioner immediately for assistance. Be prepared with a list of the teams that need to be contacted. You are responsible for contacting the impacted teams. The NVYLL Commissioner will assist in completing the notification.
  1. Verify the closure – Log out and close your browser window. Open a new window and return to the NVYLL web page. Select Master Schedule tab from the left side. Navigate to the field using the instructions on the page. The field is closed if each scheduled game is crossed out. Notify the NVYLL Commissioner if the Master Schedule fails to update.
  2. Automatic Reset - At the end of each day, the status for a CLOSED facility will be reset to "N/A", so if the facility needs to be closed on consecutive days or if the facility needs to be listed as "OPEN", the status will need to be updated.